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Representation in the trial, in any court level (First Instance, Appeal, High Court) regardless of the quality of the party, plaintiff, defendant, third person, until the execution of the final decision;


Drafting a claim/lawsuit /counterclaim /declaration of defense.

– Judicial representation in civil matters;

– Recognition of the authenticity and non-authenticity of the document;

– Claim for Monetary recovery/Unjust Enrichment;

– Disputes arising between legal or testamentary succession;

– Enforcement of judgment of foreign states before domestic courts;

– Requesting the reasonable time limit for the trial (from the Court of First Instance, the Court of Appeal, the High Court)

– Request to speed up the procedures for adjudicating the case.

– Filing request to the issuance of the writ of execution.

– Objection of the Voluntary / Compulsory Execution Order;

– Drafting Request for the Constitutionality of court decisions, pursuing the case

before the Constitutional Court;

– Drafting request to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), pursuing the

case until a decision is taken by the ECHR.


Objection to administrative acts, annulment/null in void/ amendment partially or completely of the act, the obligation of the administrative body to perform an administrative action, related with:

– Disputes arising from individual administrative acts, acts normative bylaws, which have violated a legitimate right or interest;

– Disputes arising from public administrative contracts (concessions, Public-Private Partnership PPP);

– Disputes that arise due to illegal or illegal interference inaction of the administrative body, which has violated the rights and interest of legal entities;

– Disputes in the field of labor relations, civil servants, state employees who have special regulation (disciplinary measures, unfair dismissal, dismissal, damages caused by employees shall).


Representation of the case by the moment of detention and prison custody, prosecution investigations, sending the case to trial until a final court decision.

– Pursuit up the process of Persecution investigations;

– Request for change of impressment measure;

– Request for termination of impressment measure;

– Representation in the trial (first instance, Appeal, High Court) on various criminal cases;

– Drafting criminal charges;

– Objection to the decision of the prosecutor not to initiate proceedings;

– Objection to the decisions of the Court for the dismissal of the case;


– Disputes related to termination of employment;

– Determining the discrimination exercised by the employer against the employee (for reasons related to gender, race, religion, political beliefs, education, etc.)

– Disputes arising to collective dismissal as a result of restructuring;

– Objection of disciplinary measures.

– Disputes related to salary and supplements salary;

– Request for payment of overtime, night work and holidays, payment of overtime pay for high-risk work, payment of antidotes, for work performed away from residence, payment of salary supplements for employees who hold titles scientists.


– Announcement of marriage in the Civil Offices of Republic of Albania, for marriages abroad;

– Enforcement of judgment to enter into or dissolve the marriage in Albania or abroad;

– Marriage Dissolution;

– Alimony (spouses between them, parent to child and child to parent)

– Change in the amount of alimony

– Judicial Authorization to dispose of the child’s property;

– Termination of parental rights;

– Judicial acknowledgment of paternity.


– Disputes arising to ownership and property titles, acquired by Law No. 7501

“On Agricultural Land”, Law “On legalization, urbanization, and integration of illegal constructions”, Law “On Restitution and Compensation of Land to Former Owners”.

– Release and delivery of the item by illegal possessors;

– Disputes arising from real estate sales contracts, enterprise contracts, as well as lease contracts.

– Disagreement between co-owners’ property;

– Real Estate division;

– Winning prescription with the title and without title;

– Expropriation of private property for public interests;